Wednesday, October 17, 2012

35-Week Update

Yeesh! Once again, I had no idea how long it had been.

Oh, so much to update!

I was 26 weeks at the last official update. Now, 35, almost 36 weeks. Holy crap!

The last month and a half in particular have been quite the whirlwind. Lots going on at home, with family, at work, with baby.

Backing up to 29 weeks and what was supposed to have been my 28-week appointment (my doctor was out, so we just pushed out a week) where I had my blood draw for gestational diabetes. Of course, my belly was also measured at this appointment, not for the first time. What was for the first time was being told I was measuring ahead. Turns out, I was measuring 3 weeks ahead. Yes, that's right, THREE!!! So, my doctor ordered a sonogram for my 31-week appointment.

29-week (really, 30) bump. We are fairly certain, based on his movement and a start difference in the appearance of my belly, that Baby Boy had just the day or two before gone from laying across my belly to head down.

So, fast forward another two weeks and we were back for our third sonogram of this pregnancy, which happened to be scheduled for the same day as my work shower.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love the people I work with? (Well, the vast majority of them, anyway.) They threw us such a fun shower and were so incredibly generous.

After the shower, we were on our way to the doctor and to our little man again. I was much more relaxed for this ultrasound than the 20-week anatomy scan, but still anxious, wondering what we were going to see given my measurements. What we saw was a perfectly healthy baby - undeniably still a very much a boy - who has a big head (thanks to Daddy's genes), a little bit of a long torso, a femur bone measuring right on schedule, and Daddy's profile.

Isn't he just the cutest? But, turns out, he's actually measuring right on schedule, though he will be a bit of a bigger baby. So, looks like Mommy is just giving him lots of room. My doctor is not the least bit concerned and has every intention of letting thing progress on their own - both until I go into labor and during labor unless there is just no way I can deliver him on my own. Have I mentioned loving my doctor?

The Hubby had his own work shower at the end of September, so lots more cute stuff stocked up on. And we gave our many coupons and gift cards a workout getting little things we wanted for the nursery before my last shower - yep, that was going to bring the total up to four showers! A little crazy, but I'd yet to have a shower with my family.

So, first weekend of October was Last Baby Shower Weekend. But, first we had a couple of little things to take care of - the hospital tour and Baby Care Basics Class. We loved both and I am so glad we did them. I'd seen much of the maternity wing of the hospital having been present for the birth of our nephew and been through labor with my SIL when our niece was born. I've even visted the NICU there. But, it was good for The Hubby to get a better feel for the place. And the baby care class was great. My goal for attending that class was for The Hubby to get some knowledge and comfort on all things infant/newborn without it all coming from me. A level playing field, if you will. We also go some great reassurance on how are hospital does things during and directly after birth, which coincide with our wishes. Great, great experience.

I don't have any pictures uploaded yet from my family shower, but it was so much fun. Thrown by my mom (now known as Nana) and my aunt. It was just family and some very close friends, and just really nice. (More to come on baby showers.)

So, at this point I was just ready to relax and wait for baby. I still have some things to do - get our bedroom cleaned and organized (and ready for the pack 'n' play), back the hospital bag.

But, then I had more appointments. At my 33/34 week appointment, I was still measuring 2 weeks ahead, so the NP I saw that day said my doctor would probably want yet another sono at 36 or 37 weeks. Well, fine.

At my 35/36 week appointment, my doctor had to leave for a delivery, so I again saw NP. I wasn't really expecting a cervix check at this appointment since I was technically at 35 weeks, but she did one anyway. Turns out I am dilated to 1 cm and 50% effaced. And Baby Boy's head is pretty low.

Now, none of this necessarily freaks me out. I know that means I could go into labor tomorrow or 4 weeks from now. Of course, The Hubby freaked out on me a little bit, but a quick google search calmed him some. I have also been having some Braxton-Hicks if I push myself to hard to do things, so I've just committed to stopping that. I need Baby Boy to stay put!

We will get another ultrasound to just to check his size next week.

I have a few more things to share, but this has gotten good and long and rambling already. I make no promises, but I will try to keep updating over the next few weeks.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Out of The Hubby's Mouth: It'll Just Work Out

I should probably be documenting more of The Hubby throughout this pregnancy because it's been a trip. He's been rather adorable about all things baby, if not a little lacking in the "hey, my wife is actually pregnant" department. He's been so excited to do the nursery (he's done practically the entire thing himself), he loves to go baby shopping. With me, he's very into telling me what I should and shouldn't be eating, that I should be working out more. But, he does rub my feet rather frequently and has some big moments of trying to help - they could just stand to be a bit more frequent.

As we inch closer to the big day, I, of course, become a bit more anxious and frantic about planning. I've started a list for a hospital bag; really, I've just jotted down a few things I've seen here or there that I've though were good ideas and things I hadn't really thought about.

One of my biggest concerns, as I've mentioned before, has always been what to do about the four-legged babies when the time comes. I want a plan. I want to talk to people. I want to know, generally speaking, what is going to happen. I've been tabling the discussion for awhile, but I'm really ready to set this into motion.

So, I mention it to The Hubby.

His response, in a nutshell? "It'll all just work out. People do this all the time."


While this isn't an entirely untrue statement, there is a little more to it, dear. Most people do, in fact, have a plan, but we have a particularly sticky situation in that our munchkins are NOT used to being without both of us for any extended period of time (it's actually never happened), they are not used to being around a lot of other people, and we have spoiled them royally.

To back up his statement, he has given me a basic scenario of "you'll go into labor, we'll feed them and take them out if it's the right time, and we'll go the hospital; if we have to stay, we'll just see what happens; I can run home and take them out again depending on how long . . . " You can see where this is heading


So, we're going to leave our wife in labor to run home and take care of the dogs? Sure, that's a good plan. Yes, we only live about 20 minutes from the hospital, but under what circumstances does he think it's okay to leave me? And while "take out and feed the dogs" seems like a quick little errand, it wouldn't be. He spends at least 5 minutes greeting them every day and about that long trying to leave them (I'm not joking; he's so bad leaving them that I have already said he will never be the one to do drop off at whatever child care option we end up with). So, we'd be looking at at least an hour.

And, really, you would be okay with leaving the children locked up in their crate for an unknown, likely long, amount of time when this is absolutely not the norm for them BEFORE we bring a new, tiny, screaming person into their home.

Yeah, good plan.

At this point, I'm considering drawing up some scenarios for him about exactly how labor/delivery might go. Because even though I know we will work through the dog-taking-care-of issue, this has shown me that I don't think he has a real sense of what exactly it's going to be like.

So, thinking I might give hims some scenarios for an induced birth, a short labor, a long labor, an unplanned C-section. I think he just needs to understand that it's not like on TV where "oh, honey, I'm having contractions/my water just broke, let's go the hospital" and magically a few hours later, you have a baby.

I know he's prepared himself for the actual delivery portion of the event, but I don't think he realizes everything else that happens between "go time" and main event.

If anybody has any good stories they'd like to share or point me to, feel free. I have a couple already, including my mother's long labor with me (and her MUCH shorter ones with my brothers).

Friday, August 24, 2012

Puppy Love

I've gotten asked a few times if I'm worried/scared about labor. I've discussed the subject with a few people. I really think the general consensus that I'm in denial or that the anxiety will come later. And this is all the subject of a future post.

The truth is I have one major anxiety about going into labor/being in labor.

And it has nothing to do with hospitals or pain or the unknown or the baby.

It has everything to do with my other babies - yep, the dogs.

I have had a number of full-blown anxiety attacks about leaving my sweet babies for any number of days, especially with the unknown of how exactly it will happen (will I end up being induced, so a little more "planned," or will I just go into labor and we have to make sure they are covered), when it will happen, etc. Add that to the worry I have about them adjusting to the baby in the first place. And we just don't trust most people with our babies - we've never both been away from them in almost 8 years.

We have a friend who will be able to come stay with them and they know and love him very much. They are even good for him - he had to come over late the night The Hubby was admitted to the hospital two years ago and I wouldn't leave until he was in a room. But, he's not Mommy and Daddy.

Yeah, there you have it, we are THOSE pet people. They are not our pets, they are our babies. Our little girl, The Hubby will tell you, saved his life after our other little girl died and he needed another companion. Our little boy was an unexpected surprise in our lives and he is our little shadow; can't be without one of us at all times. They were my saving grace through IF. I was at least their mommy. And they could always make me smile and always knew when I needed love.

Now, I know that everybody will say this will change as soon as the baby gets here. Trust me, I've heard it. And I'm also not naive enough to believe that things will not be different. But, I can assure you that my two 4-legged babies will continue to be my babies too and that we will do everything in our power to make this transition smooth for them. We made a committment to them and we are changing the game. So, it is our job to help them just as much as to help Baby Boy.

I've, of course, been reading up on all the tips for transitioning furbabies. I've actually read them for years. A lot of them are really good things to do, things to know. The Hubby will bring something of Baby Boy's home from the hospital for them to get the scent. When we come home from the hospital, I will come in first to greet them (can I tell you how much I tear up thinking about this - they get so upset when I'm not home) then bring in Baby Boy. We've started here and there with phone apps of crying/fussy babies. They handle that okay.

Now, I also hear people say to do things like block off the baby's room, keep baby's stuff away from them, transition them to another sleeping place if they sleep in your bed, start paying them less attention so they get used to it.

Um, yeah, these are not things that will be happening in our family.

From the day we started setting up the nursery, I have pretty much allowed them to roam in and out freely. Same when it came to the first round of baby stuff. When I started taking the stuff out of bags from our first shower, I did it on the floor with them wandering in and out. They walked by, sniffed, didn't try to take anything (with the exception of a toy ball, but like I can really blame them there). I will not keep them from being around the baby and his things. Why would I? Yes, they shed. But, this is their home too, they are not horrible shedders, and their hair is all over this dang house anyway, no matter how well I clean! I want them to know that they belong with all of us.

I will also not be kicking them out of our bed. Again, I don't quite understand this one. I will not be co-sleeping (again, not so naive to believe that my child will never share my bed, but not when he is very little); baby will only be in the bed while I am nursing. And I know my munchkins. Little Girl will sleep right through it all (maybe adjust her spot in bed) and Little Boy will come see what's happening then lie down by us. For us, in particular, it is very important that our doggies maintain this habit. We have daschunds and they are very habit oriented. We were told right from the beginning that however we chose to have them sleep, we needed to not ever change it. And we won't.

The last thing you could not pay me to do is to ignore them or give them less attention. For one, they wouldn't let it happen. For another, I believe it is a silly thing that could only harm the transition more, especially for my sensitive little ones. We do not spend 100% of our time giving them attention and they do just fine when they are not the center of attention. I believe the transition will come pretty naturally, though I certainly expect bumps.

So, if I can just get past the whole being away from them for a couple of days, I'll be good. We still haven't fully decided how we are going to handle taking care of them while we are at the hospital. I've given The Hubby the option of saying with us and having our friend stay at the house or for him to come home at night to be with them. I believe he is leaning toward the latter. But, we'll see. I believe friend will be on stand-by (thank goodness he only lives 5 minutes away!).

Didn't know I was already some crazy puppy mommy, did you?

Monday, August 13, 2012

The Lazy Blogger: 26 Week Bumpdate!

Eek! I really did not realize how long it had been!

No pictures or official update. I'm not making any promises to get back to that, but I will try!

First things first, anatomy scan on on 7/5 went great. Peanut looks absolutely perfect and was swimming around like a little fish. I will admit to having some pretty major anxiety leading up to the appointment. I'd thought I'd felt flutter here and there, but was not sure. And then I'd read that I should be feeling flutters and that others were feeling flutters. I had a major meltdown two nights before the appointment and then 30 minutes later, I started feeling some flutters.

Obviously, I'm going to make you wait for the big news!

So, from pretty much day 1, The Hubby was convinced Peanut was girl. No doubt in his mind, he was sure. I didn't really have any thoughts one way or the other until I had two very vivid dreams - at about 10 weeks and again about 14 weeks - of the baby and he was a he. And, really, I think I just felt boy all along. We did try the ring on the string test (just to shut up The Hubby), but it was decidedly inconlusive, and even the Chinese gender charts said different things depending on whether I went by LMP/EDD or conception/ovulation date.

So, as my doctor said, we were going for the tie breaker.

By the time we actually got to the appointment, I could not have cared less about the sex. I was so anxious to see the Peanut and make sure he/she was okay and healthy that the sex truly was secondary.

I'm not even sure what my real reaction was when the tech said "and you have a son."

The Hubby was in complete shock. He was so convinced, he kept saying all day how shocked he was by the news, but he was SO excited. There is really no doubt in the picture that he is a he. The Hubby was so proud that he wanted to text the picture to everybody. I had to talk him down from posting it on Facebook. I mean, really.

I think a lot of people expected me to be disappointed. Having four brothers, three of whom are younger, people naturally assumed I'd want a little girl. And while that may have been a little true at some point and I would still love to have a daughter, I could not be more thrilled with a son. I'm not honestly sure I would have known what to do if they'd told me I was having a girl.

The real fun began then.

We registered that day and actually got to pick up the crib, which was completely unexpected (we'd been told two days earlier that they didn't have any in stock and we'd have to order it).

The Hubby could not stand to wait another minute to name Baby Boy, but we still had not quite settled on the name. We'd tabled the boy name discussion until we found out the sex. By the next day, Baby Boy had a name. And I love it and it's perfect.

Since then, I've finally gotten the spare bedroom cleaned out, it officially became "the baby's room." The Hubby painted and put together the crib. We got up a border and some decals.

He will have a sports themed room. We considered other options briefly, but for us, it just had to be sports. It's more of a vintage sports and we'll be using a lot of decorations dealing with our favorite teams. I'm so excited to get some of my projects done.

A couple of weeks ago, our friends threw us a surprise baby shower. Completely unexpected and so much fun. So, we've got some stuff now! That has caused all kinds of anxiety about figuring out where to put everything now. We did buy the dresser/changer this weekend, so that will help some!

What else?

I've started and almost completed "Operation Get This House Ready for Baby." I took a week off from work to completely reorganize and clean out my house. It's almost done. Then, garage sale, then we'll be ready to finish out Peanut's room.

As far as me, I've been feeling really good. Second trimester has been pretty smooth, thankfully. I can tell I'm creeping up on 3rd trimester, though. Getting tire more easily, more aches and pains. I'm still okay on weigh gain. I think I will go a bit over the 30 pounds recommended, but I don't think by much. Not doing nearly as much exercise as I'd like since we quit the gym. But, it's been too hot to go out and walk at any time of day or night (plus, we have a severe threat of West Nile Virus in our area, so I really can't be out much early or late when it would be cool enough). But, still no crazy eating, so I'm okay with it all. Back and hip pain was better, but now it's starting to hurt again. More trouble sleeping in the last week or so, which I know will only get worse!

I'm so shocked by how fast pregnancy seems to be going. It was so slow in the beginning and it felt like I had forever until November. Now, it seems just around the corner. That causes a moment of panic every now and then, but mostly, I just can't wait. Pregnancy was always a means to an end. I'm really pretty blase about pregnancy, I think. I don't love or hate it. (Okay, I sort of love it right now because he's really started moving so much and it's so much fun to have those moments where it's just him and me.) I'm ready to be done, but just because I want my baby in my arms.

Sorry this blog was so all over the place. I just wanted to catch some highlights. Again, no promises, but I really will try very hard to be a better blogger!

Friday, June 8, 2012

No Right to Complain

I have a ridiculously flexible job in terms of time off, start/leave time, flexiblity.

When the baby comes, I will be able to work from home two days a week for awhile. I have to ability to work at home if the baby is sick, so I don't have to use up my sick time or PTO if I don't want to. I can make up time in the evenings or weekend if I need to be out, come in late, or leave early.

I have a pretty decent amount of paid time off each year.  Twenty PTO days, 7 sick days, 2 to 3 floating holidays (depending on the year), plus some "off the record" bonus days provided by my department as a reward (up to 4 a year). That's a LOT of time.

I also have a pretty great parental leave policy - compared to many US work environments, not compared to the rest of the world. I get 8 weeks FULL PAID parental leave. And, since I work for a very large corporation, I fall under FMLA, which means I can take 12 full weeks off with the baby, the last four weeks are up to me to cover in terms of time off/pay.

For all these reasons, I have no right to complain. Not even a little bit.

But, sometimes, the corporate world lacks certain insight into flexiblity.

Not my direct management, mind you. They are great. And, no, they would not in any way, shape, or form read this. That is just the honest truth.

See, my due date presents something of a condundrum to me with all that above mentioned paid time off.

For as long as I have worked at this company - 11 years - I have set aside usually around 8 or 9 days (depending on how many company holiday days we get) to take off at the end of year, so for Christmas break, you could say. This is not an uncommon practice in my department as we have little to no production work going at that time and we've just come off our busiest time, during which we are not allowed to take more than two days in a row for about a three-month period. In addition to those days at the end of the year, I also take off the week of Thanksgiving, racking up three more of those days. All other time is either taken here and there when I want a day off, I try to take a week in the summer (really, to use up my time more than anything else), and sick time. Any "leftover" time (which I do usually have), I usually take in the form of long weekends throughout December.

I plan my time off very carefully. I am not one who likes to take off when we are in the middle of things. I don't take random vacations. My time is usually scheduled for when there is the least amount of work going on and the time where there is the least chance of me being needed. (Now, this is a completely unnecessary practice on my part. Despite the fact that I am now in a "supervisor" role, my team is perfectly capable of handling workload and crisis without me. It's just how I am.)

So, back to my due date, November 18. That would be the Sunday before Thanksgiving. My parental leave must start the day the baby is born (for the record, I am very well aware that baby could come earlier or later than that day; using that date as a point of reference because early or late, the same "issues" apply). So, if the baby comes on time or early, I have AT LEAST 12 paid days off that I would no longer be using in their regularly schedule places. And, usually, it would be closer to 15 days.

Okay, that's easy enough, right? Just take off time prior to that? Well, that's not so easy either. The "ideal" time for  me to take off to prepare for baby comes during our busiest time of year, a time when our department policy is to not take more than two days off in a row from Aug. through Thanksgiving. And despite my bosses telling me to not worry about it (more on that in a minute), I do. It's just in my nature to do that. I also don't feel right taking off extra time at that point when I have extended time off coming up.

Well, can't I just use some PTO before parental leave starts? Nope. Our parental leave is separate from our STD and actually MUST start the day of baby's birth (or the first weekday after).

This leads us to part two of the issue. My eight weeks of parental leave will end in 2013. I want to take 12 weeks, as "covered" by FMLA. My last four weeks have to be figure out by me using PTO, sick time, or unpaid time. Remember how I was talking about all that time I have every year? Well, it seems that way unless you basically want to use all that time in one fell swoop - in February.

But, wait, I don't WANT to use all my 2012, so why don't I just carry that over to 2013? Yeah, my company doesn't allow that. Well, that's not entirely true. Yes, our policy is use it or lose it, no carryover. BUT, in our corporate policy, it is stated that with special permission from your manager (or management team), you can carry over up to 5 days. Well, hey, that's something right? You would think.

You would think that after 11 years of loyalty to a company that I could have left many years ago, after being a pretty exemplory employee - someone who has never had a bad review, who has been promoted to the highest level possible (right now) in the department, that I might be awarded said "special permission."

You would be wrong.

My immediate management team would give me those 5 days without a second thought. Unfortunately, the decision has to go a bit higher. To bosses in another city who don't know me from Eve. Now, I respect these bosses a great deal. They've done a LOT for our department. But, my boss has already informed that that while he will ask, he has never known the permission to be granted.

So, where does that leave me? That leaves me either wiping out my PTO to stay home with the baby for the full 12 weeks or  me using two weeks of 2013 PTO (which I am perfectly willing to do) then taking two weeks unpaid.

The latter option is not even up for discussion. This is not something we can afford for me to do. This is not something we can really even save up for me to do. We are not in a bad financial position, but we are very middle America in that we basically live paycheck-to-paycheck, though we have in the last year put ourselves into the position to save more money. BUT, we are now needing much of that saved money to pay for baby.

The former option is not appealing in that I would have virtually no time left for the rest of the year - a total of 14 days. Yeah, I could deal with not having my usual end of the year time off for one year, but do I really want that to be my child's first real Thanksgiving and Christmas? (Let's face it, this year won't really count!) Not really.

So, that leaves me with "only" taking 10 weeks off with baby.

This is where we get into the "no right to complain" territory.

I would get to take 10 whole weeks off with my newborn. Paid. In full. With the blessing of my bosses and co-workers. That is more than I'd say MOST women in this country are afforded. And after that, I will get to work from home twice a week with the baby at home with me while he/she is still very young and (hopefully) sleeping a lot.

I also have a husband who will be just as willing as I am to take time off with baby when needed, but his schedule is MUCH less flexible than mine.

I also have a mother who has a TON of time saved up (hers rolls over - lucky!) and is MORE than willing to help me take care of the baby whenever I need.

But, the point is I want to stay home for 12 weeks with my child.

And I have given a lot to this company over the years and am actually offering to do something that would be mutually beneficial to myself and the company.

But, corporate policy wins in the end.

I wrote this like I expected somebody to actually read the ramblings of a crazy, hormonal pregnant woman.

I didn't. I wrote it because I am crazy, hormonal, and pregnant.

Truth is I always knew this is how it would play out in the end. I know our corporate policy. I know what my family can manage.

This is how it was always going to be. But, I thought for a brief time that I would actually catch a break in this.

I'm not asking for sympathy because I do know that I am very lucky in what I do have.

But, it still sucks - for me.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

16 Week Bumpdate

Well, my belly is almost as big as my ass. That's something, right? This week, I just plain feel frumpy. I think I'm pretty close to "popping" (The Hubby seems convinced I have), but still so very in between.

So, funny (probably only to me) story about my bump pic outfit. The pants are my super, extra comfy yoga pants. I bought them the first month we started trying to get pregnant. I was on my period, the first in over seven years without BC, and was completely uncomfortable and miserable. We had plans with friends (casual plans that involved staying in) that night and I could not fathom wearing jeans. When I got these pants home and put them on, I immediately thought how great they would be for potential bump pics. That alone might make you think I never wanted to wear them again after the first few months. Not so, but only because they were so damn comfy because I can promise you that every time I put them on, I thought about that first time. So, even though these pants are no longer fit for public wear, I'm glad I still have them and happy to put them on for these pictures.

How far along?  16 weeks!!! I can't believe it's already 16 weeks. That seems so far, yet when I think about it only being June and I have until November, it feels like forever!

Weight gain/loss:  I got on the scale end of last week and really only see a couple of pounds more up. I think the combination of not eating all.the.time and consistently working out again (and doing a lot of walking while shopping/browsing) has helped me keep from gaining too much.

Workout: Sadly only two days last week. One day of swimming and one day of walking. I wanted to go a third day, but my back decided it wanted to threaten to go out on me, so rest was the smarter mood. On the subject of working out, I think we are giving up our gym membership. At the very least, we are dropping me. It's hard for me to go consistently if I don't get enough sleep. And, aside from the swimming (which I will mess a lot), I'm just not enthusiastic about going anymore. And, once the baby is here, it will be very hard for us to have the type of workout regime we did before. Not giving up exercise by any means. But, I've done well on my own before with weight at home and DVDs. I want to be doing more stretching/yoga for the rest of pregnancy. I can walk outside and we are getting a jogging stroller for the baby. So, I'm sad to lose some of what the gym offers, but I think it'll be good.

Maternity clothes? Yes. After two days of being ridiculously uncomfortable even with my pants not only unbutton but practically completely unzipped, I couldn't deny the need for some "bottoms." The Hubby took pity on me and took me shopping. I was hoping for some skirts, but didn't find any where we went. I did get a pair of jeans and pair of capris. I also got a few tops. So, I'll still be mixing the maternity bottoms with my regular shirts that still fit.

Stretch marks?  Not that I can see yet.

Sleep? Better, for the most part. I've even gone a couple of nights without getting up to pee! The key (both for good sleep and to not be in pain the next day) seems to be a few stretched I looked up to help both my sciatica and my poor hips. I've also added one more pillow folded between my legs from my feet to my knees. The Snoogle takes care of the rest.

Best moment this week: Seeing my favorite little people: my nieces and nephew. And, officially picking the crib!!

Food cravings: Salads!

Gender:  July 5 is the date!

Belly button in or out? Still in. The Hubby seems convinced it will be out soon. He's weird.

Movement?  The Peanut and I are in serious negotiations about that. I would like very much to feel a little something.

What I miss:  The ability to get a good, complete night's sleep. Comes with the territory, so no complaints, but I do miss it!

What I'm looking forward to:  Hearing the heartbeat at my next appointment on Thursday!

Milestones:  Buying maternity clothes!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

15 Week Bumpdate

The picture quality is bad and I don't feel like fighting my computer to fix it. It hides the fact that I was not in a good mood, had not showered, and had on no makeup. You can still see the bump!
How far along?  15 weeks!!!

Weight gain/loss:  Quite honestly, I've just sort of stopped looking. My scale seems to be a constant yo-yo, so I'm just not trying.

Workout: Four days last week! Yay me! Two days swimming, one day an hour on the treadmill, and one day 30 on the treadmill/30 on the recumbent bike. Normally, I would have done a full hour on the treadmill again, but my knee gave out while walking, so I switched. Still looking for a prenatal yoga DVD. I actually found a place that has a class once week, but I don't think I could convince The Hubby to pay $60 for 6 weeks when we already pay that for the gym. Oh, well. Have I mentioned how much I miss my BodyPump class? I really, really, really miss it. Worth it, but miss it a lot.

Maternity clothes? Yeah, I really should just break down at this point and get a couple of pieces. I think I'm officially done with my jeans, even with the bella band. And a shirt I bought shortly after finding out I was pregnant that I thought would last for awhile (and, really, it has) was completely tight when I wore it over the weekend and really looked like a maternity shirt, which it is not.

Stretch marks?  Nothing new.

Sleep? God bless the inventor of the Snoogle. No lie, my favorite thing ever. I will use this thing well beyond pregnancy (I have back issues). The Hubby may even get one for himself. I've slept SO well. I only get up the one time for the bathroom again, usually flip sides when I do and right back to sleep. I'm a happy girl.

Best moment this week: Tie between lunch with my mom and aunt at the favorite family Mexican place and buying my Snoogle. Oh! And cleaning my house! I have a clean house again!!

Food cravings: Philly Cheesesteak sandwich. And, of course, the only close place that has one was closed. So, we bought the stuff and made them ourselves. I'm pretty sure The Hubby made me a total of 4 over three days. Yum!

Gender:  July 5 is the date!

Belly button in or out? Still in.

Movement?  Still trying to concentrate and feel, but too early.

What I miss:  I guess I mentioned that above. My BodyPump class. I miss NikeTraining Club too, though that one is definitely not one I would ever do pregnant. I 

What I'm looking forward to:  Picking out the crib. We're almost there! And starting to clean out the baby room. It'll be an undertaking, but I'm SO excited to get on it!

Milestones:  Baby is the size of an apple!